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The KSI store offers you the perfect opportunity to donate a specific item to an individual. Why do we do this? We realize that in a world brimming with organizations, that making your difference can be confusing and worrisome - is your money actually reaching its intended purpose? By purchasing an item from our store, your donation reaches an individual or community.

Educational Products

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School Desk

School Uniforms

School Supplies & Books

Student Sponsorship

USD 40

Made within the village, this gift will provide a desk for three children in class and employment for the person making them.

- Primary - USD 55
- High School - USD 95

* Every child attending school in Kenya requires a uniform.

- USD 500 Per Year

Your sponsorship will enable a bright and needy student to continue their high school education for a year.

- Primary School - USD 60
- High School - USD 130

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Special Class Furnishings (Various)

USD 500

A computer goes a long way in giving a student a headstart in life. As we move towards a growing global community, this gift gives them a fighting chance in securing a strong position in their future.

USD 500

The newly built Special Needs class requires much needed furnishings before enrolment can start. Furnishings include desks, chairs, and chalkboards, among other items.

Agricultural Projects

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Farming Tools

Dairy Goat

Foot-Powered Water Pumps

Certified Seeds for Planting

USD 100

Farmers require quality seeds to ensure a proper harvest for food security and income.

80 USD

Proper farming tools are essential for farming in rural Kenya. Buying the correct and quality tools helps local farmers do proper farming and yield better crops.

200 USD

Provides milk for sale as well as agood source of nutrition for people with chronic illinesses.

150 USD

A fantastic water pump designed to be operated by the operator's legs to pump much needed water to their farms and homes, without electricity or fuel.

Personal Items

Pipes (478x640)
bio sand

Bio-Sand Water Filter

Water Storage Tank & Fittings

Water Piping Kit

Sewing Machine

200 USD

This water piping kit helps connect a family to a village water point, reducing the amount of physical work and valuable time currently required to fetch water.

70 USD

These bio-sand water filters are used to treat water at the household level, thus helping prevent water borne diseases. The filter is made from locally available materials and provides employment to those constructing the units.

800 USD

Water tanks are very crucial for water harvesting and enables the farmers to farm throughout the year for better food security.

160 USD

Sewing machines create much desired avenues of business for ladies who graduate from the local vocational centre.

Brick Maker (640x478)
Beehives (478x640)
Clinic 1

Health Clinic Supplies

Beehive Kit


Brick Maker

2000 USD

The brick making machine can make more than 500 bricks a day, creating employment for rural youths while also offering a low cost housing solution for the community. For each brick made, a percentage goes to the education fund, which helps sponsor local youth's education.

Various Pricing (see dropdown)

The newly constructed the Health Clinic is a life source for many in the village who often had to walk 8 km or more, one-way, to obtain medical care before. The clinic still requires various items before it can be launched and fully operational.

50 USD

A mattress will make a child's bed time much better, as most currently use on a thin mat or sleep directly on the dirty floor.

USD 150

This beehive kit generates roughly 20 Kgs of honey every 3 months and is a good source of income for a rural family working towards self sustainance.


Soccer Ball

Used Cell Phones (Locally Sourced)

Pair of Chickens

Fruit Tree Seedlings

30 USD

Donate a soccer ball and provide a whole new world for individuals of all ages. Soccer balls open up doors for group activities and sports, which provide fun and entertainment, along with vital teamwork and life skills.

150 USD

Used smart phones are a huge advantage in our organization's survey programs. Our survey's lay the groundwork for future programs, by gathering vital information on the ground. All information is paper-free and collected via smartphones.

15 USD

Purchase a bunch of fruit trees for a deserving farmer and improve their food security and diversify their income opportunities. The fruit tree seedlings are sourced locally, which also provides an income for the sourcing nursery.

20 USD

A pair of chickens go a long way towards food security and increasing income security for a family.

U.S. Reg. #: 609893 / U.S. Tax Exemption # 17053168310011 / Kenyan Reg. #: 218/051/11-0242/7074

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